The best equipment, power, and industrial job candidates will check your organization out as part of their exploration and application process, and the first place they’ll go is online.

Equipment and industrial companies that provide a best-in-class digital experience significantly improve their chances of attracting and hiring the most qualified prospects.

When ordinary organizations think of digital marketing, they think of one audience – their customers. The best hiring organizations, however, understand that job seekers will likely investigate every aspect of the organization’s digital footprint before considering whether to apply for or accept a position with the organization. Here’s where they’ll look:


From an overall design and presentation perspective, your website should be innovative and vibrant. It should project your organization in a compelling manner, offering professional images and videos to share your customer and employee experience.

And, of course, it should have a career page, the core elements of which include the following:

  • Demonstrates company culture
  • Persuasive “Why”
  • Compelling videos and/or images
  • Showcases benefits
  • Highlights career advancement and training opportunities
  • User-friendly job board
  • SEO-friendly

Social Media

Equally important to your website is an active presence on Facebook and LinkedIn.

On these platforms, your organization should have a profile page that, again, speaks not just to potential customers but to job seekers.

Your organization should actively post on these platforms and posts should include messaging toward your employee experience. Employees should be encouraged to share the organization’s posts to promote and validate the messaging.

Job Boards

In addition to listing job postings, most online job boards include reviews left by current and former employees. Therefore, it is important to, first, take care of your people and, second, encourage them to leave your organization reviews on job boards, primarily Indeed and Glassdoor.


As part of our industry-leading recruiting service, Bemana offers a free audit of your organization’s digital recruiting footprint that will show how your organization compares to its industry peers in these critical components of a candidate’s digital journey.

If you have any questions or would like more information about this audit or our services, please contact us here.