The days of going door-to-door at hiring companies in the equipment, power, and industrial sectors are long over. With a huge variety of online job boards, it’s hard to know where to start. Here’s some tips to assist you in effectively searching for your next job.

Get focused

  • Find a career path that matches your passions and interests.
  • Research and identify desired locations.

A numbers game

  • Apply to as many relevant jobs and companies as you can.
  • Do not be discouraged by rejection, it only takes one yes.

Company Career Pages

  • Search for desired companies on the web.
  • Apply on career pages.


  • Indeed is the #1 job search and recruiting platform.
  • Upload your resume on Indeed. Use the desired location as your residence, so companies in that location can find you.
  • Search for jobs using keywords, employer names, and location. Apply to desired jobs.


  • Search and apply for active jobs.
  • Search for desired companies and send messages to hiring managers, attaching your resume.

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